MAC A EXPO 4 + 1

Exhibition of the results of the workshop at the Maison de l'Art Contemporain in Asilah / Morocco

The Strait of Gibraltar sees the constant mingling, in both directions, of the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, which is also known as a marginal sea of the Atlantic because of its origins about 5.33 million years ago. The geographical and historical conditions of this waterway that separates the African from the European continent and our desire for connectedness and exchange are symbolized in the title of this exhibition that was initiated by Angiola Bonanni.

‘Une mer deux rivages’, designed as a work-in-progress, is the first phase of our 4+1 project that brings together artists from different cultural backgrounds to live and work. Mediated by the Moroccan artist and curator Said Messari, it took place at the cultural centre MAC.A, founded in 2012 by a Moroccan cultural association with a view to enabling the encounter among artists and intellectuals from around the world and promote and communicate to the public the human values of peace, tolerance and understanding. The spacious building, flooded with light was designed by the architect Abdelilah Mseffer and is situated directly on the beach in Asilah-Briech.

For the European artists it was a departure toward new horizons in North Africa, in the opposite direction to the flow of refugees who risk their lives by trying to reach the European shores. Several weeks of sharing the daily life and creating work in dialogue, the genuine exchange of ideas and experiences, the encounter with the great tradition of Arab art and culture as well as the confrontation with critical views of Europe through meetings, lectures and conversations is what we want to continue in Morocco and in other countries.

26th of September until 26th of December 2014